Brocade Bonanza

This fall, La DoubleJ wants to wrap you up in something super special. Please meet our all new fabrics: mega luxurious brocade and jacquard, both of which are meticulously crafted on the shores of Lake Como. Perfect for Black Tie, ballrooms or just adding a splash of cool into your everyday wardrobe, we’ve woven our vintage prints directly into super luxe Italian-made textiles and fashioned them into the sharpest duds you’ll see all season. Voluminous bouncy coats, ultra cool moto-jackets, floor-grazing gowns, perky mini dresses and chic structured tops and bottoms make up this excellent cold weather offering. Featuring crisp metallic threading and silky soft contrast-print linings, they’re the answer to your Fall/Winter wardrobe prayers!

Words: Laura Todd