Everyone who has spent any serious amount of time exploring the boot-shaped wonder that is Italy will know that Sicily is clearly the most maximalist of regions. Teeming with Baroque churches and over-the-top ornate Palazzos, almost every square inch of floor space is plastered with richly patterned majolica tiles — often in clashing prints. Obviously, I always feel right at home the second I skip off the plane in Catania. Last week, I spent a blissful few days soaking up the yellow-tinged Sicilian sun and knocking back ricotta-filled cannoli in one of my favourite towns, Sciclì, on the island’s southeast coast. We bounced between 16th century churches, trespassed on the grounds of ancient palaces and took a few moments to marvel at every house-sized cactus we passed. The island is a total wonderland, filled with soul pumping energy. Style-wise, what you need to know about Sicily is that it’s no flip-flops and board shorts beach destination. Every nonna shuffling down the strada with her shopping bag is wearing a well-tailored ensemble that could still live happily in a Roberto Rossellini film from the 1950s. It’s all about long dresses, covered shoulders (but not always at the same time) and lots and lots of vintage jewels. So, without further adieu, here is everything I wore on my southern Italian springtime jaunt. Buon viaggio, Babes!

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