Wanna Raise Your Vibration?

From the words you choose to the news you consume and the spaces you create, learn how to boost your vibrational energy in what you eat, do and intend during our next Zoom event with our J.J. Martin and energy healer and all-round divine magician, Elisabeth Manning.

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Raise Your Vibration’ is our team mantra here at La DoubleJ, but what does it mean and how the heck do you do it?

Did you know that scents and colors have vibrational energy, for example? The clothes you wear and the beliefs you hold, too. We’ll be sharing our tips, tools and tricks galore, babe, from cultivating vibration-raising emotions (perfectionists, listen up!) to spiritual mastery and finding peace in commitment and creativity. Like always, we’ll be taking your questions too.

Come share the good vibes on Saturday 12 December at 6pm CET.

Find out more about Elisabeth Manning (spiritual midwife, divine magician and J.J.’s first energy healer) and her fantastic programmes here.

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