How To Open Your Heart

When everything around us feels like it's falling down, how can we be compassionate with others and - most importantly - ourselves? Join J.J. Martin for this free Valentines celebration of your precious heart space and learn how to develop it, care for it, and share it.

Heart Event Main Image

“The bigger the heart, the badder the ass.” That’s one of our favorite mantras here at LDJ HQ (we even put it on a collection we designed for InStyle magazine). It's a shout-out to those who, during these waffle-iron times, are smoothing themselves out and keeping their heart energy open with graciousness, forgiveness, compassion, love and kindness. Most of all, this mantra is about cultivating that relationship with ourselves. La DoubleJ's Valentines Zoom conversation between J.J. and host, Abby Raphel, will celebrate everything about your unconditionally loving heart space. We will cover opening your heart chakra - and what that means - as well as dealing with pain and learning how to love yourself in the path to giving unconditional love. As J.J. says, “The heart is the strength of you who are. This is the real wisdom you have; this is your real power and what is going to make you a badass.” Can we get a hell yeah to that?

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