It might seem, superficially, that most of what we do at La DoubleJ involves lathering yourself and your home in swirling color, pulsating prints, and madhat maximalism. It is true, to a degree. And we love this. But I also have a loftier assignment for this beloved baby of a company, which seems right to tell you about on this day of LOVE. It’s called: Raise Your Vibration. What does that mean exactly? It means that La DoubleJ is a feel-good company, first and foremost. From our perch in Milan (where, by the way, we sit crammed like a happy family of sardines), my team and I have a double mission.On the one hand, it’s about creating beautiful products and supporting old-school Italian artisans to do it. On the other hand, it’s about creating an uplifting mood for our entire community and a wonderful container for play.

Our mission is a toe-tapping and heart-lifting experience. Our roaring prints, made with love, aid specifically in elevating your energetic frequency. That’s not just a sales pitch, ladies, trust me! Colors, after all, have an energetic quality. That is why each of the chakras in our energy body, as well as brilliant crystals and stones unearthed from the womb of the earth, all possess different colors and powerful properties. What I realized from a very young age, is that wearing color was in fact one of the quickest, dumbest and yet easiest ways to raise my own vibration to one of love and light. How great, I suddenly felt, the minute I threw some pulsating purple and red over my head!

"When you align yourself with the highest vibration available, suddenly you don’t care what anyone else thinks!"

Hey, why is everyone smiling at me as I walk down the streets in my vintage chicken print? I relished in these colors and that uplifting feeling fell out onto the sidewalk and bounced onto a few other people too. Joy is contagious. Color and pattern will get you noticed for sure; and if you don’t like that, I would encourage you to consider why it is you have a hard time when people look at you. Perhaps it’s because we all fear being judged, and being out of the spotlight in the first place lessens that scary possibility? But remember: love always conquers fear.

So when you open your heart and begin to align yourself with the highest vibration available to you, suddenly you don’t really care what anyone else thinks. You are tapped into your own inner experience - one in which you feel your own love for yourself, and then you can begin to share this pleasure with others, not worrying what the heck they think. Try it on this day of love and all others to come.
XO, J.J.

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