Pop Goes Confetti!

There is a long lasting tradition of italian mothers teaching their children never to wear more than three colours at once to preserve a certain level of chicness. Those mammas obviously never made the acquaintance of our confetti print, where this golden rule goes to die.

One of La DoubleJ first and most beloved prints, Confetti is a colourful floral yet geometric number that was originally designed in the 1980s by Abraham. So fabulous, even Oprah Winfrey could not resist the Confetti charm and had to slip into a big skirt while jumping across a field in one of her latest magazine spreads.  Other chic champions of this print include our favorite Great Gorgeous Girls Giovanna Battaglia, Livia Firth and Marie-Louise Sciò.

Given everyone’s enthusiasm, we’ve now extended Confetti’s product offering. In addition to La DoubleJ favourites – the swing dress and big skirt and boy shirt killer combo – it now also comes in the cutest and slouchiest ruffle shorts and men’s shirt.

The best thing about this print’s crazy colour combination is that it matches virtually anything. You can pair it with a white shirt or a black pant, but it goes just as perfectly with a clashing print. Stylist Natalie Joos masterfully spiced up our confetti big skirt by topping it off with another of the La DoubleJ most wanted, the Galletti print, and we bet the reverse looks just as fab!


Go Kaftan Or Stay Home!

We’re going kookoo for Kaftans here at DoubleJ! The ideal summer-time cover-up, they’re not only chic-as-can-be (especially when they come in 100% silk or slinky terry cloth; like ours), they’re also versatile – for all you pool-lounging-to-cocktail-hour kind of gals. We know the summer days may be long, but there are only so many hours in a day for wardrobe changes. Whether you’re matching them with a pair of Marni pool slides at high noon, or throwing on some stilettos when the sun goes down, a maximal Kaftan is your secret weapon for a smooth sartorial transition.

With three eye-poppingly amazing, 1960s-era vintage prints to choose from: under-the-sea inspired Polipo Blu, Fenice with its Phoenix and feathers motif, and blue and red colour-bomb, Onde. Simply toss one over a string bikini and you’re channeling Jackie O in her Pucci Kaftan and fashion-turban phase. We know you have those pics tacked up on your moodboard, we doo to.
Complete with a plunging neckline, sweeping bell sleeves and a sky-high slit, the vamp-level on this otherwise modest cover-up is through the roof. You may not – gasp! – even need to mix and match it with any other pieces (as committed maximalists we find that very hard to admit). But that doesn’t mean you’re off to hook with accessorising. Pile it high with vintage gold chains, massive earrings, a sun hat as wide as your arm span and statement sunglasses that do the talking for you.

Sailors and Sun-worshippers

Sailors and Sun-worshippers

Do you count yourself one of the Portofino-people? The Prada clad upper echelons who populate Italy’s west coast, lounging on 80 foot yachts all summer, only taking breaks to dine on oysters and pop champagne? If so, you’re going to have to stock up on all the white denim shorts and Breton shirts you can get your hands on before you set sail with the newest DoubleJ Editions.

Our new cotton Ruffle shorts were designed with upper-deck in mind. You’ll look right at home bobbing on the emerald waves of the Mediterranean if your solid stripes are making nice with our sunny mid 90s Lilium print (our latest vintage-sourced wonder). Extra points for a cheeky captain’s hat.

We’ve got all your aperitivo-time socializing covered with our cocktail-dresses-kicked-up-a-notch: the lusciously long fits-like-a-sleek-silky-t-shirt Swing and One Love dresses (or if you just need to cover up a newly earned sunburn). Or, fake the effect by layering a Boy Shirt and cotton Big Skirt together for an all-over effect (the Tropicale print is perfect for this), or break it up with a Breton shirt and you’ll be sailing into the sunset in no time.

The Jean Genie

This stays between you and me, but the pattern princesses here at La DoubleJ have been known to cruise into the office wearing a pair of slouchy denim slacks once in a while. Some durable denim is the perfect way of toning down La DoubleJ’s eye-popping patterns on casual Friday.

More of a tomboy at heart? Channel your inner Nirvana roadie and get buttoned up in some lived-and-loved in vintage blue jeans and our brand new Boxy T-shirt (may we recommend our vintage 1960s Tropicale print?); or if that’s not your bag, the wild roosters of our rabble-rousing Ruffle Shorts in our 1970s Galletti print look absolutely winsome paired with a soft chambray shirt. (Smelling like teen spirit not required.)

Even the heavy leather belt torn from the waist of your boyfriend’s favourite Levis looks wicked paired with our Spring/Summer standout, the 1970s Geometrico-print One Love dress. The breezy summer-ready style goes from the beach to chic cocktails in a flash. And if it’s just a summer romance, who says you have to give it back?

Our Kind Of Army

Feeling a bit fatigued from your usual wardrobe? Have you ever considered — wait for it — fatigues? No, we’re not telling you to go full-on camo, but adding a clean palette of army greens to tone down your most floral of fantasies is the way to go this spring.

If, like us, you’re fawning over our 1990’s-designed Narcisco print, go for a cheekily buttoned-down boy-shirt (which now comes in cotton!) paired with a crisp green-olive trouser. Like a butterfly in a bell jar, we think a boxy cargo jacket is the ideal addition for reigning in a double-header combo of our Big Skirt and a silk or cotton Boy Shirt in super sixties Farfalle Verde print (farfalle = butterfly in Italian, get it?).

Though it may not be sun bathing weather yet, we’re keeping our options open. If you’re bedecked in our long length Beach Shirt, no one will dare give you the side eye if you strip your kit when the Adriatic finally gets balmy enough for a bath. Or, get into a Short N’ Sassy minidress: with three different ways of belting that babse you won’t need to bring anything else on your next beachside getaway.

Welcome To The Dark Side

Body: Does all this springtime sunshine have you craving a moodier palette? If The Cure’s on repeat and your inner goth-girl is ready to make her debut, La DoubleJ still has your back, babe! Let us introduce you to our Boy Shirt (not to be confused with our Real Men’s shirt — that one’s for the boys), this straight-cut, silk twill stunner in vintage 1920s Olive print is screaming to be layered over a badass band-tee and sent out into the night. But do us a favour: stay true to your inner maximalist and match it with its kindred Big Skirt — these pieces work better in pairs.

If you’re a purist — and insist colour should be banished from any full-on-goth look — opt for our Uccelini print, designed in the 1940s by Suzanne Kientz. Feel free to tell anyone that asks the bird print is a Hitchcock homage. Wear the print either head to toe on a matching Boy Shirt and Big Skirt, or give our Real Men’s Shirt a whirl paired with wide-leg slacks.

Any goddess-of-the-night worth her salt knows that a full leather look is requisite for the aspiring goth.  Luckily for you, our above-the-knee Happy Wrist Dress looks right at home layered over a pair of fierce, skin-tight leather jeans. On top, roll up the arms of a soft leather blazer to let those billowing bell-sleeves breath. Or, use them to flutter off into the shadows like the diabolical bat you’re channelling. But if you’re feeling more Robert Smith than Siouxsie Sioux, go for an androgynous take with a Pomodorini print Boy Shirt unbuttoned, off-the-shoulder and tucked into leather jeans.

We’ll be waiting for you on the bright side, babe.

– Laura Todd

Photography: Alberto Zanetti
Fashion Director: Viviana Volpicella
Hair Stylist: Davide Diodovich
Make Up: Fabio D’Onofrio

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