• The Tordini sisters – from left, Greta, Giulia and Giorgia – at Marcona 3, their father’s fashion showroom in Milan

  • Giorgia Tordini in a vintage Roberto Capucci dress



Anyone with a penchant for stalking street-style photography will recognize the doe-eyed Giorgia Tordini in an instant.  A former fashion designer turned creative and social media consultant, the impeccably dressed 30-year-old is catnip for bloggers like Garance Doré and Tommy Ton of Style.com.

At 24, her younger sister Giulia is not far behind.  Both girls are graduates of IED design school in Milan, and Giulia now handles the communications and website of her family’s fashion showroom, Marcona 3.  She also recently launched her own digital creative agency, Archimede 6.  While these two siblings have long been anointed Italian It-girls, a third Tordini sister, Greta, has until now remained a family secret.  As her stylish big sisters swim in fashion praise from Milan to New York (where Giorgia recently moved), the 16-year-old babe in the woods still lives outside the limelight in the family’s countryside home in Civitanova Marche. It is a quiet corner of Central Italy where, as Giulia puts it, “We have four cats and a million dogs.” But Greta is currently studying fashion in her arts-based curriculum in high school and intent on following her sisters to the capital.

For their very first fashion shoot together, the finely boned trio of sisters gathered at Marcona 3, which remains their familial Milanese hub. Located in an old industrial space, the showroom is packed with 1960s lamps, vintage furniture, artwork by Lorenzo Petrantoni and screens made from antique doors.  The design pieces are all for sale along with clothing from brands such as Tagliatore, Laneus and Vita Fede.

“The showroom is dedicated to niche Italian fashion and accessories brands,” explains Giulia, who pairs many of the pieces she helps sell with big name fashion designers.

All three girls are carbon copies of their brunette, brown-eyed mother, Raffaela Micucci, but each clocks their own personal style. “Greta is a bit rock, I’m a mix of styles, and Giorgia is always very elegant,” Giulia says. Giorgia is usually found in neutral layers of Céline and Stella McCartney, with a touch of Saint Laurent on her feet or over her shoulder. Giulia veers toward romantic touches of lace from Dolce & Gabbana or quirky vintage finds. Greta is obsessed with Jeremy Scott’s Moschino collection of printed sweatshirts, black leather leggings and slip-on Vans, but has long been steered by her big sisters. “They critiqued what I was wearing very early on,” she says with a laugh.

Both older sisters got their fashion education well before university. When Giorgio and Giulia were small, their parents ran a high-end, multi-brand shoe store that featured footwear their father, Piero Tordini, designed.  Their family home was a well-designed playpen filled with international fashion magazines and midcentury furniture pieces collected by their father. The girls were toted off to Paris for frequent buying trips with their parents at a young age before Papa Tordini opened Marcona 3 fifteen years ago.

The fashion and design bug rubbed off on the Tordini offspring.  Giorgia launched two fashion labels, Reve and Like My Mother, in her late twenties, using herself and Giulia as models.  Now in New York doing art direction for several fashion brands, Giorgia doesn’t dismiss a return to fashion design at some point and maybe, one day, a return to Italy.  “I miss the summers, the countryside, and the food,” she says.  But no matter where they all end up, fashion will be front and center in these three sisters’ lives.  “Fashion is in our blood,” says Giorgia.

– J.J. Martin

Story Credits
  • Creative Director- J.J. Martin
  • Photographer- Alberto Zanetti
  • Fashion Director- Viviana Volpicella

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