Libellule Rosa Palazzo Pants


Libellule Rosa Palazzo Pants


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We cannot take credit for inventing the Palazzo Pant silhouette, but we will take credit for making them cool again. These silk trousers sit on the waist and fall flared, with a wide, breezy fit through the legs.

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The flared leg flows beautifully – just like a skirt, but with the comfort of pants. Opt for the coordinating tuxedo shirt for the most commanding version: just tuck it in!

• 100% Silk
• Elastic waist
• Concealed side pockets


100% Silk

Vintage Print Info

Libellule Rosa : a vintage print designed in 1905
This dainty dragonfly print was designed in 1905 and sourced from historic pattern book ‘Le bon motif’ found in Lake Como’s Mantero archive.


Palazzo Pants  / XS
Waist: 64 cm ( 25,19 in)
Hips: 102  cm ( 40,15 in)
Front Length: 108,5 cm (42,51 in)
Back Length:111,5 cm ( 43,89 in)

Palazzo Pants  / S
Waist: 66 cm ( 25,98 in)
Hips: 104 cm ( 40,94 in)
Front Length: 109 cm ( 42,91 in)
Back Length: 112 cm (44,09 in)

Palazzo Pants  / M
Waist: 68 cm (26,77 in)
Hips: 106  cm (41,73 in)
Front Length: 109,5 cm (43,11 in)
Back Length: 112,5 cm (44,29 in)

Palazzo Pants  / L
Waist:70  cm (42 in)
Hips:108  cm (42,51 in)
Front Length: 110 cm (43,30in)
Back Length: 113 cm (44,48 in)

Palazzo Pants   / XL
Waist: 72 cm (28,34 in)
Hips:110  cm (43,30 in)
Front Length: 110,5 cm (43,5 in)
Back Length:113,5 cm (44,68 in)

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