Elettrica Bouncy Dress


Elettrica Bouncy Dress


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This is the sundress to end all sundresses. The do-all, wear-forever, looks-great-on-everyone summer saviour. It has thin spaghetti straps and is made of floor length tiers of structured cotton (the textile is woven with metallic thread to give it a crunchy feel — cool, right?).

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The bodice is fitted with an elastic back that slips on and off easily and doesn’t cling, perfect for whipping it off and jumping into the surf! But, don’t worry — throw on a cardigan and you could be in the office within the hour!


Vintage Print Info

Elettrica: a vintage print from the 1960s 
The pink, turquoise and red optical illusion-like Elletrica print was inspired by a printed fabric from French textile company Brunet-Lecomte, which operated from the mid 19th century to the end of the 1960s.


Bouncy Dress / XS
Chest 32,8 cm (12.91 in)
Lenght 124 cm (48.81 in)

Bouncy Dress / S
Chest 34,8 cm (13.70 in)
Lenght 126 cm (49.60 in)

Bouncy Dress / M
Chest 36,8 cm (14.48 in)
Lenght 128 cm (50.39 in)

Bouncy Dress / L
Chest 38,8 cm (15.27 in)
Lenght 130 cm (51.18 in)

Bouncy Dress / XL
Chest 40,8 cm (16.06 in)
Lenght 132 cm (51.96 in)

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