High Vibe Helpline

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As fun as they can be, we know fancy soirées can come with a certain amount of stress. If you're a professional party planner looking for a statement table setting for your fabulous client or are simply searching for the perfect make-your-ex-jealous dress for your best friend's wedding, our LDJ dream team is here to support all your celebration needs.

a party?

Calling all opulent event planners! Whether it’s a stunning spring wedding or fabulous fall festa, our troupe of Trade angels can help you create the most magical experience this side of the Atlantic, providing dedicated quotes, product information, estimated delivery dates and personalised codes so your celebration is seamless.


Been invited to a wedding next month and have no clue what to wear? Looking for the perfect gift for your future in-laws? Don’t stress, sister - our team of style saviours is here to help answer all your celebration curiosities. Just click below to connect with one of them.