The Sisterhood Is The Heart
Of The La DoubleJ Community
At La DoubleJ, we are about so much more than embellishing your outsides. We’re about adorning and enriching your insides, too: creating a space for our community to share, listen, feel, and connect with one another; a safe container for emotional and spiritual development. As a global Sisterhood, we look out for one another, cheerlead for our friends, and celebrate our community’s wild creative spirit wherever we can. From virtual workshops and in-person sharing circles, to digital spiritual toolkits and floor-toceiling inspiration stations in our stores around the world, we want to help cultivate a higher consciousness among our community at every touchpoint. We’ve even woven it into our designs and partnerships. Scroll for all the ways we want to help you raise your vibration, sister!

“One morning, right in the middle of the pandemic, I jumped on Instagram with an unscripted video pulled straight from my belly about what insights we could glean from sitting home alone. The response was overwhelming and in that moment, I realized that what I was practicing with my teachers, healers, workshops, books, and downloads was something that our DoubleJ community not only wanted but needed… A new star constellation was born during Covid: The DoubleJ Sisterhood.” —J.J. Martin, Mamma Milano: Lessons from the Motherland

Mamma Milano
We approach all of our events, whether it’s a trunk show on the Seine or a dinner in Dubai, as an opportunity to swirl up Sisterhood connections. Our pop-up at NYC’s Bergdorf Goodman opened with a breathwork session; we launched our LDJ x NAP High Summer capsule with a barefoot meditation circle and water healing session by the shores at Passalacqua on Lake Como; and we took our spirit show on the road with a retreat at Six Senses Ibiza, complete with sound baths and ecstatic dance. When opening La DoubleJ’s first store in Milan, we converted the entire downstairs space into a Sacred “grotta,” a magical sanctuary cloaked in hand-painted goddess murals, to engage our ever-expanding community with expert-led wellness workshops, meditations, and livestreams. Dive into the spiritual circles we’ve hosted thus far and check out what we’re swirling up next!

Events & Activations
Style With Soul
From John Hughes-worthy bombers to the happiest t-shirts this side of the Mediterranean, our pieces are primed to boost your mood and elevate your energies.
Doing Good For
The Sisterhood
One of our favorite parts of life here at DoubleJ is getting together with like-minded, open-hearted partners to dream up projects that give back, both to the country that has given us so much and to the women who so inspire us.
In July of 2023, we launched our LDJ x Leandra capsule, crafted entirely by the members of Cooperativa Alice, an organization that trains women serving time in Lombard prisons in the Italian art of tailoring. In September 2023, we’ll be hopping the pond to Harvard, where we’ll donate an entire fashion library of classic LDJ pieces to Free Free, a group committed to helping rehabilitate at-risk women through sharing, style, and community. And at every store, we open part of our space whenever possible, free of charge to local healers to share their wisdom with our growing LDJ tribe. These are just a few of the ways in which we aim to share the gifts we’ve been given, and we’re only just getting started….

Spirit Tours & Tickles
We mapped the best places to raise your vibration and expand your consciousness, with recommendations from some of our favorite healers, teachers, and spiritual sisters around the world. Whether you’re headed to Paris, Marrakech, L.A., or our beloved Milan, you can squeeze in some soul expansion in between your shopping sessions. Go get your joy journey on!

Spirit Tours

J.J.’s Spirit Tickle Newsletters launched in January of 2021, a personal download of her explorations and revelations from her own spiritual practice, jam-packed with essays, Q&As, guides and practical tips on how to start. Explore all the heart, below, amore.

Spirit Tickle
An Interstellar Sisterhood
Eventually, our goal is to tap into and use the power of the Divine Feminine to change consciousness and remodel leadership approaches on a global level. This movement will begin with a flicker and become a beautiful flame that ignites a shift away from patriarchal codes and tools towards more matriarchal, nurturing, community-based, collaborative, and kinder codes and tools for leadership. Our goal is to evolve from leadership that is based on logic, control, fear, punishment, hierarchy, and competition towards a model that is based on listening, patience, intuition, ease, joy, flow, and trust. Towards envisioning a paradigm for the conscious company that puts human relationships—sisterhood—at the center.But before we get to that, let’s get back to you. Wherever you may be on your journey, whether you’re curious about the high vibrational capacities of color, looking to deepen an existing spiritual practice, or simply wish to connect with our global community of La DoubleJ Joy champions, The Sisterhood is open to all. Welcome.
Our Sisterhood Manifesto
We are the confidantes and creators, the givers and galvanizers. The anchors in your rip tide, the fuel in your rocket ship. The mentors who push you and the mothers who catch you. We are your mirrors and your opposites, your shields and your lightsabers. We are the women who see you, even in the dark. We are the men who hear you, who listen when you speak. Connectors, collaborators, and heart-expanders, we accept you as you are, holding space for you—and all of us—to grow.

We are the DoubleJ Sisterhood.