La DoubleJ Housewives Maximal Dessert Plates – set of 6


La DoubleJ Housewives Maximal Dessert Plates – set of 6


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Made in collaboration with Italian ceramic experts Bitossi Home, our Maximal Dessert Plate Set includes six fine porcelain plates with hand painted gold trim, each featuring a different vintage pattern.  The flamboyant pattern clash has been carefully studied, is 100% on purpose, and guaranteed to start lively conversations at your dinner table.

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But should you be more minimally inclined, each of these plates can be bought separately in sets of 2, which you can mix and match as you so choose. Keep mind: the dessert plates do double duty, so snag a few for your salad course as well.  

Be sure to channel your inner Milanese housewife and skip the dishwasher with these precious plates. We know that washing a mano is a major pain, but all that’s gold won’t be glittering anymore if they hit the suds cycle. Meanwhile, that gold trim is painted entirely by hand, so the gorgeous imperfections are all part of the artisanal Italian package. Enjoy!


Vintage Print Info

Each set features prints from the Mantero Silk Archive, on Lake Como:

  • Ombrellini designed in 1976 by the Corisia Archive
  • Papaveri designed in 1963 by Susanne Kientz
  • Pavone a toile de Jouy design from the 18th century
  • Fenice designed in 1968  by Archivio Sergio Bini
  • Lilium Blu designed in 1994/1996 by Archivio Cugnasca
  • Geometrico designed in 1970 by Archivio Sergio Bini


20 cm x 20 cm

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