La DoubleJ Editions Galletti One Love


La DoubleJ Editions Galletti One Love


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For a dress called One Love, we’ve come up with more than a few ways for you to fall head-over-heels in love with this fabulous, flowy gown. An elastic-cinched band and hidden, dropped armholes let this funky-fringed number be worn both bandeau-style or over the shoulder. Small, waist-level vents allow the dress be internally belted; or, if you’re like us, you can let it fall free for a more va-va-voluminous effect.

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Finally, if all those folds of fabric aren’t enough to hide your secrets, we’ve added some handy pockets for your convenience. Now we better not catch you sneaking off the beach with your boyfriend under it!!

  • 100% Cotton
  • One love… One size
  • Multi-way
  • Elastic-cinched band
  • Small concealed waist-level vents
  • Side Pockets
  • Matching print Belt

Vintage Print Info

Galletti: a vintage print from the 1970s 
The Galletti vintage pattern was sourced by LaDoubleJ in the Italian archives of Mantero Seta, one of Lake Como’s oldest silk manufacturers. It was originally designed in the 1970s.


One Love / One Size
Length:122 cm (48.03 in)
Bust: 54 cm (21.25 in)
Hip: 63 cm (24.80 in)

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