Welcome to our
High Vibration Headquarters

Fashion can sometimes be a snooty business, but La DoubleJ has always been a brand that wants to help women feel good. It’s a baked-in part of our mission to spread positive energy. Through the bright plates and printed linens on your table that bring pizzazz and life to your dinner party. Through a swingy, maximal dresses that put a kick in your step and makes people spontaneously smile as you walk down the street—and that still feels great as you eat, laugh, dance, play with your kids and when you let it all go at the end of the night.


High Vibration

That uplift isn’t in your imagination. “Colors have real vibration. Our clothes transmit this great vibrational energy,” says J.J. who has been magnetically drawn to color—the brighter and happier, the better—since she was a child. In Ayurveda, each of the body’s seven chakras, those amazing spinning power centers, corresponds to a color. The intuitive third eye chakra is indigo, while the compassionate heart chakra is green- or pink! They connect to the color of healing stones buried naturally under the earth’s surface; amethyst awakens intuition and emerald opens your heart. Don’t believe us? Try experimenting with different colors and how they make you feel: Go into a room painted the color of a sapphire sea and then go into a room painted pitch black.



In short, La DoubleJ is dedicated to the well-being of our community. While our prints and patterns have always had an uplifting kick, we’ve now expanded our reach of feel-good clothing. The Goddess collection was designed expressly as a way to connect to your deeper self, through the stories of these six mythical beings whose triumphs and foibles relate universally to all kinds of women. When we launched Goddess at MatchesFashion’s fancy townhouse, we stacked the place with print-tastic pieces, but we also gathered our London-based friends and fans to experience something more, so we set up a sort of High Vibration Headquarters.



J.J. shared the deeply personal story of how she discovered the goddesses, and learned to tap into their powers – and be illuminated by their shortcomings. And we invited Qi Gong healer Per Van Spall from Bali to demonstrate how banishing blocked energy can foster a peaceful mind and pain-free body. Now our High Vibration Headquarters is right here, (and wherever else we might travel.) Dive into the deliciously feel-good content below and watch this space for more.



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